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The Company

IMT Gas Generator is one of the leading manufacturers of high efficiency gas generator and gas separation equipment.

The company has built a worldwide reputation for superior technical products that meets specific customer requirements. Our technical portfolio encompasses both industrial and laboratory market with the complete range for diverse applications illustrates the diverse nature and expert capabilities of IMT Group.

Using our in-house R & D facilities and innovative technologies.IMT design to satisfy the increasing demands of today’s sophisticated applications. By manufacturing and testing to the highest specification, we provide ultimate value, high quality and tailored solutions.

Every product out from IMT has been tested and passed under numbers of rigorous test in our R & D test lab that has the abilities to simulated the climate conditions under most extreme whether condition. With this test method, our R & D team should able to identify the best design for each continent in the world.

In IMT, we constantly built our reputation in the business by not only providing the best sales support but instead we always looked at our service support section as the key element of our success. With fully trained service team, service plans and local service center, we reduce equipment down time with 95% fix rate on our first visit.

IMT products are available in 90 locations on all continents in the world.

Our Innovations

Silent & Simple

Every gas generator is designed and crafted to perfection with the simplest operation. Our INMATRONIC™ HMI Color Touch Screen with Data Logger capability. The system able to provide data such as pressure, flow and purity and any faults such as high ambient temperature, gas leak, electrical instabilities and etc will be stored in the data logger system to enable our technical team to locate and trouble-shoot during preventive maintenance. The perfection is further redefined with patented Double Stream Noise Reduction technology (DSNR) that diverts the noise stream produce by the equipment down to 45decibel thus allow the most silent operation at all time.

Small & Compact

Small footprint and compact design has been the key element of our product that allows you to save up to 60% of the overall installation. In laboratory gas generator, the unit comes complete with ultra silent compressor, filtration system and storage tank with multiple fails safe devices to ensure smooth and robust operation on 24/7 and 365 days with only minimal maintenance required annually. IMT LabGas series are available in variant as below:

Simplex - Single Gas Output

Duplex - Dual Gas Output

Triplex - Triple Gas Output

Robust & Quality

In IMT, we never compromise on gas quality. Therefore, we constantly provide the best solution toward this aim. Gas Analyzer will be one of the key elements to provide a true to time gas sensing. Our gas generator are fitted with selected gas analyzer to detect any impurities within milliseconds before it enters your system with data collected from time to time.

No one understands laboratory more than us, all IMT Lab Gas are 100% phthalates and oil free to eliminate any possible contaminant. All products are tested in our manufacturing facilities with ISO 9001 accreditations covering on our manufacturing plant standard.


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